Well, here is the finished article. Although I have to confess, this isn’t the style that I would normally wear, I prefer a verticle seam and side banding rather than underwiring, I am very surprised just how comfortable it is. It may not be perfect but nevertheless it has been a great learning experience and I am definitely going to make more and explore different styles and techniques. I can quite understand how some people have found sewing lingerie addictive.  It is so personal, working towards a truly individual fit and style just for you. It takes such a small amount of fabrics that one could really splash out on beautiful materials

.bra 004

I made one minor adjustment at the back, I didn’t feel happy with just sewing the fastenings onto the lycra back, so I made some woven fabric pieces and sewed them to these, this made the whole back feel more secure and comfortable.

bra 006

On this I must share with fellow lingerie making enthusiasts an excellent on line store that provides marvellous lingerie haberdashery at very good prices. The Sewing Chest ~ found at  http://www.corsetmaking.co.uk   I have no connections whatsoever with this store, I just found it, looked, liked, ordered and was very pleased with [a] the service and [b] the prices. This is the modern dichotomy – I bemoan the loss of High Street stores but shop on line. Mainly for sewing and knitting essentials, but these shops had deserted the average High Street long before I started ordering on line. I found a harberdashers/craft shop [mainly card making] and bought just a couple of zips,  some thread and fasteners ~and was bruised at the cost. Finding the Sewing Chest has made my sewing week because I am currently drafting my own pattern from one of my most comfortable bras.  I will clearly need more lingerie doodads won’t I? It will be interesting to see how it turns out and if I can use what I’ve learned with this one.

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