They say a change is as good as a rest,~ but then they didn’t spend the weekend humping furniture! I said I would post pictures of the finished deal and here they are.

However, true to form the day is dark, drizzly and gloomy and it is well-known that I am no David Bailey [please don’t say ‘who?’ – I feel old enough!] and I have been known to fool an idiot proof camera in the past. So here they are.

sewing space 003

The furniture doesn’t match – it came from different rooms, but it does the job and I am happy. I have a nice large cutting area, and sewing desk, adequate light and even a little corner where I keep my sewing books and convenient chair. A sewers dream.

sewing space 002In the bin in front of the sewing books are tracing paper and lining paper for pattern drafting, also my water spray and spray starch for ironing and finishing.Under the desk to the right is a unit of plastic drawers   in which I keep all my lingerie bits and pieces, all together ~ how neat. The unit is on casters so slides out easily.

sewing space 005

BTW what do you call yourself? I can’t quite get used to sewist, and am happy to be a sewer [of the sweet-smelling kind] and seamstress or sempstress seems a bit grand. In Paris ateliers they call their seamstresses ‘hands’ but then ranchers call their cowboys that too! My proofreading icon, which I only found today! does not recognise ‘sewist’ and gave me ‘sexist’ as an alternative, so there we are, I shall remain a sewer.

And Finally…..I  thought I’d change the blog header – why not whilst I’m at it and in the mood. What to I don’t know, so this is just a holder for now, but as I quite like the look, it may stay. P.S. Here is the guest room restored;

restored 001


I love all things creative and an eternal enthusiast. I am enduringly interested in absolutely everything remotely creative and never happier than when being shown 'how to'.
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