VOGUE #7034

Yet another blouse, my sixth addition to the wardrobe of handmade blouses. I have actually made seven, but the navy blue ‘Mao meets Coco’ is still sitting sulking in the naughty corner. This Vogue pattern is actually a dress and jacket pattern. I took the bodice of the dress, lengthened it and made it into a blouse. It is probably out of print because I remember making these some years ago [quite a few actually] Click pictures for a better view.

patterns 001

I’m quite fond of tie blouses ~ they sit better under jackets more often than blouses and shirts with collars, which often don’t play nicely together.

It wasn’t my first choice however.

patterns 004

but this was really a case of the fabric dictating the pattern. I had originally intended to make Style #3247 [above] . A nice crisp shirt like blouse. I re-drafted the voluminous sleeves [another vintage pattern!] and cut down the BIG collar to more reasonable dimensions. I wanted to use a lovely soft hand fabric that I rediscovered in my stash, white with a very subtle sateen spot which only shows when it hits the light. Very feminine fabric, nice and light. But of course the fabric was yelling at me ‘Style #3247  just won’t do you idiot, can’t you see I’m feminine?’ Now I had had this fabric for absolutely ages, and it was its turn to come out and play, so I had no option but obey and go looking for something more suitable. Enter Vogue 7034, not truly a blouse, I grant you, but nice and feminine  and made to order as it were.

Pictures of the finished blouse up shortly I hope. I hope you had a better weekend than I. I’ve developed a sore throat and heavy cold – which I’m sure would qualify for man-flu if I was of that gender, as I’m not~ it is just a rotten cold!


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