This Burda 8849 Skirt was the prime reason for my rant on colour the other day.pistachio 008pistachio 007

I must have liked the fabric – I think I bought about three and a half metres of the stuff, I think I intended to make a suit – so I couldn’t have objected to the blah colour then.  What colour is it? I think it is called Pistachio, but then what do I know? Clearly  I didn’t examine the fabric much either or I would have discovered that it stretched…..and is an absolute nightmare to sew with! Trouper that I am I determined to finished it and finish it I did – blah or not.  The only route was to pin and tack and then sew to make sure that nothing shifted during the process. For a simple straightforward skirt that was irritating in my present mode of doing everything by sewing machine [I would have enjoyed all that by hand at one time, and still do occasionally,but not this time]

pistachio 004 pistachio 003

There are certain details on this seemingly simple straight skirt that I like. The two darts situated next to each other almost at the hip at the front and the uber long darts at the back near the hip that give that extra shape to the back. pistachio 010

pistachio 011pistachio 012

I shall certainly wear it – neutral colours are handy to have in the wardrobe, but it hasn’t satisfied my longing for a pop of colour.I like the pattern and have cut out another in black wool mix – yes I know Penguin wardrobe again, but my little black crepe skirt bit the dust a couple of weeks ago and didn’t survive the last laundry visit and I do feel that a plain straight black skirt is such a wardrobe staple that you just can’t afford to be without one. I am certainly looking forward to my visit to the fabric shop on Wednesday. I am making lists, I always make lists, whether I keep to them is another matter entirely.

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  1. Try with a warm but pale peach? (Without seeing it for real I can’t be sure but I have a hunch this could work).

    • lifeaworkinprogress.com says:

      What a good idea Emma, it will probably be a bit kinder to my complexion than yellow! thanks, Maureen

  2. Sarah Reid says:

    I LOVE this skirt and the color and such a Beautiful job making it ‘All fancy and all’

  3. Sarah Reid says:

    I would love to have a tailored 1940s style pencil skirt womens suit with a gorgeous white collared shirt underneath, you know the ones that Lana Turner would wear or Joan Crawford. Fitted jacket accentuating the waist, single breasted. Also a pair of truely well fitted Oxford trousers, you know the ones with turn-ups, finished off (accessorised) with a pair of brown brogues or lace-ups. My preferred fabric of course would be linen, although, a nice wool with faint pinstripe? = Yum!

  4. lifeaworkinprogress.com says:

    Is that a hint Sarah?

    • Sarah Reid says:

      Ooh yes! Is that an offer?
      My sizes are:
      Chest flat
      Waist with bagel
      Hips with bulges
      How does that compute?

      • lifeaworkinprogress.com says:

        Just as I remember you! Of course it is an offer, any time …….I’m glad you like my offerings, love your comments.

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