So what did I buy? the answer is sweet nothing!

child crying

No, self control didn’t kick in, nor did there prove to be nothing in the fabric shop that I liked [does such a shop exist?]. I didn’t go…due to sickness in the family and I was needed here. But never mind, I just have the pleasure of looking forward to it next week. Plus the extra few days will give me time to make more lists!imagesCAP6DL99

I wouldn’t mind if I remembered to take them with me but more often or not I leave them at home and that is how a stash is made. Did you not know the connection before? well let me tell you, if you leave the list at home of what you intended to buy or how many yards/meters it takes to make the blouse you wanted to make, or you see fabric that would make a fabulous dress but you don’t know how much to buy – then it makes sense to buy more than you actually need, just to make sure, and THAT is how a stash is born, believe me

This time I intend to get all the fabric  information from my possible pattern backs, and a list of fabrics I might want to get – will I keep to it? Will I heck, I shall probably stagger back to the car with this.imagesCAO3ZYP5

[all images from Google.]

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3 Responses to GO ON ASK ME – I DARE YOU!

  1. Your blog and pictures made me laugh. Thanks for the chuckle. I totally agree about how a fabric stash is born.

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