I’M COLD!snow 001

this is the picture I saw when I opened my curtains this morning….more snow. This time last year we had a what virtually amounts to a heat wave here in the UK…..I know all those Aussies down there splitting their sides, but it’s a shock to the system here in England…..now I am no wingeing Pom…..and my daughter in upstate New York is deep in feet of the white stuff, but Spring in England is supposed to be gentle, smiling  ~ a time of reawakening after the long dark and dreary Winter. Wisley first day of Spring 002You know the thing “Oh to be in England now that Spring is here…” and what would Robert find today? – slush, ice, snow drifts….UGH. THIS IS MEANT TO BE SPRING SOMEONE!  But the main reason for my rant is that I want to be out in my garden planting things. The only thing I could plant at the moment is rice. To be honest, we do have more water than snow, my garden is flooded, but other parts of England are deep in snow and ice and some places have no power – daily fodder in NY state in Winter…so I suppose I shouldn’t moan, rant over.

On the sewing front I have finished the Burda 8849 skirt in black. In this light the details won’t show up, but it is exactly like the Pistachio skirt in a nice wool mix twill that Croft Mills calls ‘Reverential Suiting’, sounds grand, but very nice stuff and easy to sew not like the other one. I lined it and Hong Kong finished the pleating in the back seam as this would get the most wear, all the other seams didn’t need it, the fabric doesn’t fray and as it is fully lined looks perfectly fine too.black skirt 001

black skirt 003

black skirt 009

Now what about that jacket? That was something I forgot in my rant on colour the other day. Reason being, I bought this fabric in the 80’s and had the jacket partially cut out. It then languished in a box in the loft until we move here 6 years ago, when I was going to throw it out, then decided to finish it..I’m quite glad I did, it is handy for those occasions [now rarer than hens’ teeth] when I need to dress something up a bit.

Now whilst I am waiting for my trip to the fabric shop, growing ever larger in my imagination, I am going through various patterns looking for something interesting, a bit challenging but not something that will take so long it won’t be finished by the time I go to Reading. I could do another blouse with a Peter Pan collar – I fancy that, not too little girly – I don’t want to look like Baby Jane…but something a little softer than a shirt collar..mmmm, or perhaps I could finish up a couple of things still outstanding, boring but necessary. Decisions!

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1 Response to ON THE 4th, 5TH & 6th DAY OF SPRING, MY TRUE LOVE SAID TO ME…..

  1. Sarah Reid says:

    Beautiful fabric and a very nice job as always..

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