Of course, you all did! How could I put the cuff on a sleeve with a placket without first sewing up the sleeve seam!

It was only when I was going through the list in my head of things still to be done on the blouse that I realised my mistake. It’s a good thing I make lists! Did I tell you I make lists? even mental ones? Perhaps I should join List Makers Anonymous if there is such a thing, or perhaps start one, or does Tweeting take the place of making lists? I don’t know, I don’t tweet and my only twittering is done here as you can tell. Anyway, thanks for not yelling at me.A dunce's cap is no longer a reliable indication of a person's intelligence

p.s. of course the list now reads; 6. Sew sleeve placket; 7 Sew sleeve and side seams all in one go; 8; Make and attach sleeve cuff; do buttonhole and sew on button[s]; 9; Hem and final press.  I have to add here that of course  I press each step along the way .

image; guardian.co.uk via google.

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  1. Sarah Reid says:

    Well, I was’nt going to mention your mistake, I thought that it would be bad mannered of me but now you mention it 🙂

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