The lurgy has morphed into pollen allergy type asthma but I am definitely not complaining because the sunshine has arrived at last and Spring has made its belated arrival trying to beat Summer to the post.

Unfortunately this means that I have been working at snail’s pace and all I have done this week is another school dress to go with the first one [on the left] . For once my photography is not to blame for decapitating my grand-daughter Carrie – but was deliberately done as this blog is an open one, but I can assure you she was smiling!

gingham 006Carrie two 001After a day at school the belt tie came a bit adrift, obviously needs stitching down at the front. The rest of this week seems to a be a bit booked up, but hopefully on Friday I will get a few minutes to get on with the many things I need to get on with.

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I love all things creative and an eternal enthusiast. I am enduringly interested in absolutely everything remotely creative and never happier than when being shown 'how to'.
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4 Responses to QUICK UPDATE

  1. Sorry to hear you new diagnosis – are anti-histamines helping?
    Cute school dresses, mine were yellow gingham when I was that age!

    • lifeaworkinprogress.com says:

      A bit, but it’s worth the grot to get the lovely sunshine we’re enjoying. I have been in the garden all morning – pollen be d******! Yellow gingham! how lovely and fresh – looking at all my grandchildren’s school photos they all have red – as did I – and they went to different schools, no imagination but it’s handy for economy. Thanks for commenting – at least I know there is someone out there. thanks again.

  2. Yellow was ok but they paired it with brown – on school trips most people mistook us for Brownies!

    • lifeaworkinprogress.com says:

      Oh no! On second thoughts that combination would do nothing for my complexion – too much yellow in it already – good for tanning but in Winter can look a bit sallow I suppose. Shame because I love yellow, that’s the perverseness [is there such a word?] in me.

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