milly_molly_mandy_1and who wouldn’t have liked a childhood just like hers? Where the sun is always shining except for two convenient snowy days so that she could go sledging with Billy Blunt?

No, I haven’t gone completely bonkers [although I’m not too sure of anything these days!], I have been re-reading MMM once again ready to introduce her to my two youngest grand-daughters. If you have never met her – do go and introduce yourself, you won’t be sorry to have made her acquaintance, especially if you have little girls [or are one yourself even]. I would have loved to have been MMM, living in a pretty white cottage with a thatched roof in a village where everyone seems to be so nice and kind [not a bit like village life most probably, if Miss Marple is anything to go by]. Life was so simple, thrifty and good. [mapclick to see map detail]

Joyce Lankester Brisley started writing the MMM stories in the 1920’s, I came across them in the late 1940’s -1950’s and onwards and they have never lost their charm for me. Puffin Books [the young arm of Penguin] started publishing her books along with another favourite of mine, Worzel Gummidge in the 1930’s [as much different from MMM as you could possibly get], but the Christian Monitor published the first stories so they were probably not so widely read as when Puffin published them.

Here are a few images I gleaned from Google images.

mmm_thumbIMG_4440MMM 1.

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  1. Harri says:

    Oh Grandma I LOVED Milly Molly Mandy! I always remember the story where she got to bake potatoes in the fire in the garden and one where she went to a fair. Wonderful memories!

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