Three little maids…three little girls 001these were known as ‘handkerchief dollies’. The story goes that these dollies were originally made out of men’s handkerchiefs [hence the name]formed roughly into the shape of a dolly, in order to keep little children quiet in church. Whether or not there was any truth in this story – I like it anyway. Tradition has it that they have no faces – this was because they were made from handkerchiefs that had to be used again. They apparently gradually morphed into something like these – plain and innocuous so as not to distract too much from the service. Another theory is that they were made for little puritan or Quaker children, hence the plain-ness, but that is hardly likely as they did not originate that far back, but more probably no earlier than mid to late Victorian times.

three little girls 002three little girls 006three little girls 009

I made these, as is only fitting, out of plain calico entirely by hand. Although plain, a little feminine vanity creeps in – self coloured feather stitching embroidery and tucking decoration – and a little frill at the back of the bonnet – ostensibly to keep the sun from burning your neck, but a discreet opportunity to add that bit of frippery, and what goes underneath is  anyone’s guess!three little girls 005three little girls 007

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