….and she purrs like a dream! Voila – my 1954 Singer 201201 005.  You know how it goes, one thing leads to another and I certainly wasn’t looking for another sewing machine. I told you how much in love I was with my SMD761 basic model, well, sorry SMD 761 I don’t mean to be mean or anything but you are just not in the same league!

I started out looking for buttonholers. Went onto YouTube [as you do] and saw Peter from ‘Male Pattern Boldness’ demonstrating his vintage Singer buttonholer on his Singer 201. I was quite fascinated with the buttonholer but I fell into instant, deep love with his machine. The sound could just rock you to sleep in the nicest possible way. I looked at other videos of the 201’s and saw practically rave reviews of this Rolls Royce of sewing machines. Some reckon it to be the best sewing machine ever produced. I felt an urgent need to own one of these beauties and went on E-bay, where the lovely Nicky was selling her second 201 model [she bought it for spares in case her first ever broke down – it never has!]. It may not be the most beautiful girl on the block – she is showing her age, but then so am I and I am older than she is. Nicky and I met at Hobbycraft, Basingstoke [BIG MISTAKE ON MY PURSE] and I took my three youngest kiddlies with me [grandchildren], but that is another story. I have now got vintage Singer fever, and I am having to be very strict with myself on Ebay.

One good thing came out of it [besides my new baby] I brought out my old 1936 Singer which my stepmother brought over from Newfoundland just after the war. She is a beauty and currently is set up as a hand machine, but it also has a motor. Unfortunately it has no bobbin plate or bobbin cover. I am trying to locate these and then I will clean and ‘service’ it. Unfortunately I don’t know which model it is, I am trying to find out from Alex Askoroff, but I am showing pictures in case anyone out there can identify it. As can be seen it has an unusual placing of the tension wheel, at the side to the back. UPDATE; I think I have identified it as a Singer 15-91, these were made in Canada and you can still get 1940’s beauties from the USA but the shipping doubles the price! I have bought a bobbin case and slide plate cover though, from blessed Ebay.com of dear [as in expensive] memory!

201 001 201 002 201 003

Singer 15-91 1936 model

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7 Responses to I HAVE A NEW BABY!

  1. Sarah Reid says:

    Aah! And Beautiful she is too xx

    • lifeaworkinprogress.com says:

      Isn’t she just? did you notice in the last photos of Mum’s machine you can just see you in the photographs on the windowsill? The one on the right, we just miss you on the middle one.

  2. Congratulations on your new baby. She looks gorgeous. I remember my Grandmother sewing on her Singer machine back in the 70’s. They were made to last. 🙂

  3. Your blog inspired me to look for a vintage sewing machine, just like my Gran’s treadle machine. I found a great link about the history of Vintage Singer sewing machines. It is really interesting reading about their production and cost. Follow this link http://www.sewalot.com/singer_through_the_ages.htm

    • lifeaworkinprogress.com says:

      Great minds think alike! I found him yesterday and emailed him last night – he answered straight away and confirmed that Mum’s machine is a 15-90 model. I can now get all the bits and pieces to make her whole again. Some Singers were made in Australia and have a different letter to denote where abouts it was made. Fascinating once you start.

      • That is such an amazing coincidence, that we found him on the same day. I read that some were made in Australia. Weren’t the 201’s expensive in their day. I entered a few ebay auctions last night but was unsuccessful. Someone was selling the accessories and manual alone for $89-00 AUD.
        I will keep on searching but I have a feeling that I will be buying more than one model. 🙂

      • lifeaworkinprogress.com says:

        It’s spooky! My daughter Debbie who lives on the south coast in Sussex bought a sewing machine in a cabinet a couple of weeks ago. She didn’t say what the model was but she said it sewed like a dream. When I bought my 201 [for 40!] and was enthusing about it, she said ‘well didn’t I tell you they were good’ -hers was a 201 too! They are seriously addictive. She has bought a Singer 222 featherweight for her grand-daughter India, who is all of 4 years old, and wants to buy me a model 99k for my wedding anniversary. I think it is all a plot so that vintage Singers can take over the world don’t you? They are good, built like tanks made to last forever. I am currently sewing India a nice pillar box red coat – will blog about it as soon as I can take the pictures.

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