I have been busy making a little shirt for my  great grandson Jude, who is a gorgeous red head and just two years old. He is a busy little lad with bundles of energy. This is the plaid fabric I bought in Fabricland, Reading on my last,[and only visit there this year, it is a winceyette type of fabric with a plain backing, that unfortunately laminates if you’re not careful. Because of the weight of the fabric I couldn’t do a double yoke, but I finished all the seams by top stitching them down, rather than felling them. The trouble with making small things is there is less margin for error. At 1.30a.m. I decided I wasn’t happy with the buttonholes on the cuffs, so at 7.45.a.m. I was up cutting out new cuffs and setting them. It is now [hopefully] with Royal Mail on its way to East Sussex and Jude’s Granny ready to take to Kent on Saturday – all being well!

jude 002jude 001

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6 Responses to HEY JUDE!

  1. What a lucky Grandson you have. A beautiful new shirt. I love the colours and the detail of this shirt.:)

    • lifeaworkinprogress.com says:

      Hi Linda, Thanks for the nice comment, as always! I *do* have 9 lovely grandsons [ all but three are adults] this is for my *great* grandson – you forget that I am ancient!. I did think that as he has bright red/golden hair these colours would make a glorious statement. I can’t wait to see it on him. Maureen.

  2. Your great grandson, will look great in these colours with his red/golden hair. I have a red/auburn haired daughter and these colours look great on her. Do you have many red heads in the family? I adore red hair.

    • lifeaworkinprogress.com says:

      My husband’s family is to blame! His father had a deep chestnut colour mane and his Aunt had really beautiful rich chestnut…unfortunately some of my husband’s cousins had bright *orange* hair – I kid you not! I waited in fear, but my daughters came out with either white blonde, blonde or rich brown hair…whew! – Jude is a bit on the bright side….Eden is turning blonder so it seems to have missed a couple of generations. I think they look beautiful, but I may be a bit biased or I’ve softened with age. Now I just have to go and take my tongue out of my cheek – or my foot out of my mouth!!

  3. Sarah Reid says:

    Nice recovery Ma 🙂

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