I can amuse myself for quite a while thinking up these mad titles to my posts. At first glance perhaps the title doesn’t quite fit, but stick with it. I once knew someone who when they saw something remarkable would say “the things you see when you haven’t got your gun!” I thought  I sort of knew what he meant, but I know what I mean when I say “the things you see…” in this case it is the things you see when you’re supposed to be clearing out. The time before last [i.e.not yesterday] I came across this sad lost soul;gloves 005    gloves 002

Just one glove, a remnant of my childhood probably, and probably crocheted for me by my Mum. I really can’t be sure, but it looks the sort of thing I had. It is definitely old, and sad. Curiosity led me to looking to see how it was done – cuff up or fingers down? Hard to tell, but when I decided to make a pair for myself -one being no good, [although I often complain of having to do everything single-handed] I decided to start from the tips of the fingers.

I made four fingers, measuring them for length as I went around, a bit like trying on a thimble. When I decided they were all the right length, I joined them up into the palm/hand part. Looking at the yellow glove more closely I could see that the thumb was actually done differently [left picture above], being left until crocheted in the round. The result was this;-

gloves 001   gloves 003

As you can see, I left the hole for the thumb to do last. I just have to finish the cuff and then the thumb – and then do the other one, if I can remember how I did it. The trouble with gloves and socks is that they will insist on coming in pairs. You can’t get that nice feeling of accomplishment and ‘ta-da’ moment when you have done one, no matter how tricky or how nice the result. You have to do it all over again or else it is no good. I could always keep one hand in my pocket I suppose. Yet again I apologise for the photos, the light wasn’t good and I seem to have shadows everywhere, but then I am always grateful just to get a recognisable image!


I love all things creative and an eternal enthusiast. I am enduringly interested in absolutely everything remotely creative and never happier than when being shown 'how to'.
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