We have had good days and bad days. Today doesn’t really know what it wants to do, but storms are forecast and there has been thunder in the air for a couple of days now, and some parts of the UK have had very heavy thundery storms. This morning was grey and overcast and when I looked out on my garden it looked liked a completely different place to the one it had just two weeks ago in bright sunshine. Then the sun came out! I rushed for my camera to take photos of some of the flowers that I knew just wouldn’t survive the blustery winds and rain. Last week I had four or five glorious bright flame orange Chinese poppies, they stand about four feet tall and although fairly sheltered, today they look very sad with most of their big petals on the ground. So here are the pictures – something to remember when the rains come.

before the rains come 001before the rains come 002before the rains come 010before the rains come 009before the rains come 006before the rains come 007before the rains come 008before the rains come 011before the rains come 015

as always the pictures can be clicked and enlarged, should you want to,

Finally, I don’t think my Sweet Corn will be “Knee High by the 4th July” [apparently the rule of thumb in Sackets Harbour, New York], but who knows if we have a late Indian Summer we might get there. Hardly a loss if we don’t, there are only about 14 plants there. My veggie patch seems to be soldiering on. The slugs and snails had a feast, but the beans and peas seem to be rising above it – although I did find a snail high up in my plum tree; obviously not afraid of heights. [that semi-colon was for Lucie!  of]

before the rains come 013before the rains come 012 (1280x724)


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