My goodness, what a pompous title – I’ve said it before anyone else thinks of it, but it is up there to perhaps explain in a very small way my absence of late.

First, the title;  when I re-ignited this site way back in February this year, I said that after a long hiatus I had decided to just use it for recording “things I have learned and made this year”. Now I really should check what I had said before deciding that the blog might be veering off course and not posting – I had thought that I had decided to write only about my handmade wardrobe – when I hadn’t narrowed the field that much at all – I’ve just checked!!!!

Well having cleared the air about all that, I now have to confess that I had written a couple of posts with photos, but decided not to publish them as they weren’t about my handmade dressmaking. Well, what have I been doing? for a lot of the time I have been gardening and doing patchwork. So first up today, this:-

1. My ‘patchwork wall’ in my dining room;

july 18th 2013 014

july 18th 2013 012july 18th 2013 011july 18th 2013 0132 , 3 & 4 Applique patches of the menagerie. The rest are close ups of some of the patches shown in picture 1.

Hopefully more regular posting – but although I am extremely good at waffling I don’t want to outwear any welcome I might possible have – as if!@**

july 18th 2013 002.july 18th 2013 003july 18th 2013 004


I love all things creative and an eternal enthusiast. I am enduringly interested in absolutely everything remotely creative and never happier than when being shown 'how to'.
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  1. I love your hens. So cute !!!!!

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