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There is a little puzzle going round in my brain at the moment. As every knitter knows, if you leave a piece of knitting half way through for any length of time, when you pick it up to finish it the … Continue reading

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The samples have arrived. I ordered three from Fabric Dreams and five from Croft Mills, here in England. I want to make this coat, with a few adaptations to make it look more trenchy and am really looking for a twill raincoat … Continue reading

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One maybe, and one I would love to. Make, that is. And they are in reverse order [in true tradition of the ‘Ta Da’ merchants]- At # 3 we have the ‘I would love to’ jacket. Now what’s not to … Continue reading

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I am thinking of starting a Fabrics Anonymous Group…any takers? It is for people like me who buy fabric with only a very vague idea of what they are going to use it for and who can never say ‘No’ … Continue reading

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WHAT WAS I THINKING [and will it ever end?]….

This blouse has had more remakes than ‘The Titanic’ [or the ’39 Steps’!], but I ask you, what was I thinking?     I don’t do frills, they are definitely not me as I should well know by now. In … Continue reading

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I finally took some photo.s of my other version of Veronique Avery’s Burr cardigan to put on my Ravelry projects page, so I thought I would also show them here. As I said in a previous post, my first version was … Continue reading

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To Autumn, that is. I have to say that Friday’s weather finally convinced me that Summer is NOT here to stay, but hey, here on Saturday the sun is shining again. But too late, I am not to be tempted…I … Continue reading

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