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There is a little puzzle going round in my brain at the moment. As every knitter knows, if you leave a piece of knitting half way through for any length of time, when you pick it up to finish it the … Continue reading

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The samples have arrived. I ordered three from Fabric Dreams and five from Croft Mills, here in England. I want to make this coat, with a few adaptations to make it look more trenchy and am really looking for a twill raincoat … Continue reading

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One maybe, and one I would love to. Make, that is. And they are in reverse order [in true tradition of the ‘Ta Da’ merchants]- At # 3 we have the ‘I would love to’ jacket. Now what’s not to … Continue reading

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I am thinking of starting a Fabrics Anonymous Group…any takers? It is for people like me who buy fabric with only a very vague idea of what they are going to use it for and who can never say ‘No’ … Continue reading

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WHAT WAS I THINKING [and will it ever end?]….

This blouse has had more remakes than ‘The Titanic’ [or the ’39 Steps’!], but I ask you, what was I thinking?     I don’t do frills, they are definitely not me as I should well know by now. In … Continue reading

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I finally took some photo.s of my other version of Veronique Avery’s Burr cardigan to put on my Ravelry projects page, so I thought I would also show them here. As I said in a previous post, my first version was … Continue reading

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To Autumn, that is. I have to say that Friday’s weather finally convinced me that Summer is NOT here to stay, but hey, here on Saturday the sun is shining again. But too late, I am not to be tempted…I … Continue reading

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and the living is easy…..   But sadly not for long. Officially Autumn is here, but for the last two days we have had hotter, sunnier days than last month, It is so easy to be beguiled into thinking Summer … Continue reading

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 BURR The cardigan I was knitting is destined to be frogged. It has come up WAY too large, so will have to go. This [above] is what I shall be putting in its place; it is BURR by Veronique Avery … Continue reading

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Now that I have found my camera lead I will be making good use of it before I lose it again. I took some pictures of the fibre-stuff [wool actually] that I have been either spinning or thinking of spinning. … Continue reading

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