Now that I have found my camera lead I will be making good use of it before I lose it again. I took some pictures of the fibre-stuff [wool actually] that I have been either spinning or thinking of spinning. I said that I had more than one on the go – I have. I have some Blue Faced Leicester  [1][easily one of my most favourite things to spin – it is so easy] in a shade that I hoped would match the wool spun some time ago that I have been knitting into a cardi. Then there is the as yet unidentified wool that I showed you yesterday [2] ; then at [3] a merino roving in a beautiful shade of greeny-gold – almost khaki, which my camera doesn’t show accurately unfortunately, and lastly some Falklands wool that Abi and I  dyed earlier. In fact when we were selling on Etsy as Hen House Fibres, now no more.

[1] BFL – How lovely is that?

September spinning 2 002September spinning 2 003


September spinning 2 007September spinning 2 006

[3]September spinning 2 008September spinning 2 010

September spinning 2 009I’ve tried to get the colour right but failed miserably I think. #3 if it were darker would be nearer the mark I think.September spinning 2 005September spinning 2 004

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