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summers end 008 summers end 009

But sadly not for long. Officially Autumn is here, but for the last two days we have had hotter, sunnier days than last month, It is so easy to be beguiled into thinking Summer will hang around a bit longer. However, it seems it is all set to change tomorrow [Friday] and we will be feeling at least 10 degrees cooler they say. That thought could have felt like a bit of relief today, but I shall miss going out and picking fresh peas and beans for lunch, tomatoes for tea and apples and plums to either bake or eat just as. My sweet corn this year was sweeter than ever before and we had quite a good crop considering I only had 14 plants, one of which never grew much and I have still have beetroot, cabbages, cauliflowers and onions to look forward to – ah, the simple life! I also got a fair crop of ‘heritage’ potatoes which I put in just to try. Perhaps with the cooler weather the girls will feel like performing more regularly. They really couldn’t be asked in the hot weather and I was having to get my fresh laid eggs from my daughter’s obliging, much younger chickens. Nevertheless they bring me endless joy just to see them at the bottom of the garden and see them rush to the gate every time the patio doors open!

summers end 007Apologies for the bin full of metal rods at left…they were from the frame of my last poly greenhouse and were something I thought might come in handy – what for I can’t now remember, but no doubt I’ll think of something. You know my motto ‘waste not etc.,’ – drives my husband mad! [sweet revenge!!!].

I’ve been busy spinning and knitting meanwhile, and looking at sewing blogs willing my sewing mojo to take charge once again. Trouble is, I realise I have more than enough to wear and was worried that I might just be making for the sake of, which really defeats the object I started out with. I do miss the planning, the choosing of material and sweet hum of my vintage Singers [yes plural, I am so weak and such a pushover] and the ‘ta da’ moment when it all comes together, I don’t even mind much, [she lies] when I have an ‘oh dear’ moment for then I have the challenge of putting it right. Gosh that sounds noble, back to earth, but I am still looking for the justification so it may have to be something for someone else to get me into it. Meanwhile spinning is therapeutic, knitting is useful and the devil isn’t finding work for my idle hands [except when I go on Ebay].

footnote; no, I don’t have a big garden, just an ordinary sized English garden [i.e. definitely not big] but I just like to use every square inch.


I love all things creative and an eternal enthusiast. I am enduringly interested in absolutely everything remotely creative and never happier than when being shown 'how to'.
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3 Responses to SUMMER TIME…

  1. lovelucie1 says:

    It’s been a lovely summer. We’ve had great veg here too although all about to come to an end. My unwillingness to dig up the rest of the lawn means we do not have enough room for winter veg.
    The evenings drawing in at least have one positive. Less gardening, more crafting!

  2. Despite the sun there’s gonna be a big batch of green tomato chutney from our garden!

    • says:

      I thought of that, and then the thought of chopping all those onions made me change my mind. Perhaps Fried Green Tomatoes may be the choice of the day.

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