To Autumn, that is. I have to say that Friday’s weather finally convinced me that Summer is NOT here to stay, but hey, here on Saturday the sun is shining again. But too late, I am not to be tempted…I have packed away all the very light summery things from my wardrobe and rehung all my Autumn/Winter things, leaving just a couple of linen and linen mix skirts, just in case. I love the change of Seasons; endless rainy days or even endless sunny days have no appeal for me and that is why I love England so; normally you never know from day to day and whilst we may complain, that is how we like it really. I know that some people get a little sad at the end of Summer, but not me. I  love to gather in all the stuff that I have been enjoying watching grow, I make soups and casseroles and sit and do lovely crafty things without thinking I ought to be up and out doing whatever is shouting to be done. I can spin without feeling a little inappropriate, because after all it is wool  and wool is for warmth and comfort – and totally appropriate and right. And best of all when Winter is done, we can look forward to SPRING…d.v.**

Now for something awesome – if you’re a fan of embroidery, go look up Michele Carragher’s site. http://www.michelecarragherembroidery.com/index.htm.

I won’t spoil it by talking too much…but it is really a feast for the eyes.

I know – no photos today – no, I haven’t lost the lead again, just too busy to take any new photos.

[n.b. ‘dv = deo volente = God willing] in case anyone wonders.

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I love all things creative and an eternal enthusiast. I am enduringly interested in absolutely everything remotely creative and never happier than when being shown 'how to'.
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  1. Thanks for the link to Michele Carragher’s page. The embroidery is amazing. All I can say is WOW. Enjoy your Autumn weather. 🙂

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