I finally took some photo.s of my other version of Veronique Avery’s Burr cardigan to put on my Ravelry projects page, so I thought I would also show them here. As I said in a previous post, my first version was as the original pattern and was knitted in an acrylic fibre that had been kindly bought for me. That particular cardigan is being worn to death, but I do also wear this one in dark brown 100% wool, which is not nearly so soft!

Burr-ish 002         Burr-ish 006

I have clearly made some modifications, the most obvious being the lace panels up the fronts. I also knitted the back collar in plain garter stitch rather than the ribbed collar of the original as I wanted this one to sit flatter. I didn’t do my usual couple of inches increase in body length because I was worried I would not have enough wool, but as it turned out I could easily have done the extra inches in length. I think it is this factor that makes me only wear it open, otherwise I would be forever pulling it down, which it what I always used to have to do to RTW cardigans and jumpers. I like this pattern. It is easily wearable with most things and can substitute for a jacket over a Summer’s dress [as you have to most times with our weather]. The collar adds interest, as does the side ribbing panel, but after the first one I omit the little ‘lace-holes’ feature going up to the shoulders. I kept thinking I had dropped a stitch! I think you can see what I mean here.[this original photo belongs to Jared Flood of  Brooklyntweed]


I think  that I also omitted the side ribbing panel on the version above…I wonder why I did that after thinking it added interest? Perhaps I was thinking ‘less is more’ and might be too much with the lace panels too, but as I can’t remember, we’ll never know [or care now!].

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