WHAT WAS I THINKING [and will it ever end?]….

This blouse has had more remakes than ‘The Titanic’ [or the ’39 Steps’!], but I ask you, what was I thinking?

April as well 006  end july 2013 006 end july 2013 005

I don’t do frills, they are definitely not me as I should well know by now. In my defence, I was beguiled by a pretty little lawn cotton blouse that I bought in a charity shop that had delicate lace round the shawl collar and a pin-tucked front, but very understated, which is as I like it. This monstrosity of lace edging really was an insult to its memory and nothing like. However, another ‘indisposed’ day has allowed me to repent the error of my ways and bring this sad little item to its final incarnation. I shall wear this if only to celebrate my persistence and the next time you see this fabric will probably be in a piece of patchwork.

new moda 003

Now this more like me!  I just unpicked and took off the under-collar, removed the lace and stitched the under-collar back on, easy peasy. I did intend only to baste the two together and machine the collar, but in the end hand-stitching did just as well [probably better].

Whilst on the subject matter of frills, I am normally not a great fan of Valentino’s style, although his workmanship is brilliant. He is the Supremo when it comes to frills and such. I know that they just do not suit me,  unlike Sarah Gunn of ‘Goodbye Valentino’, whom they suit to perfection and who manages to incorporate them into most of her clothes and they are ideal for her looks and her lifestyle. But you should never say never about what pleases you and what doesn’t, -because whilst looking at various haute couture clips on YouTube, I came across this Valentino pret-a-porter show of 2011 [Autumn/Winter]….and I literally drooled the whole way through. Watch it here http://youtu.be/PoRu_xKAC6M to see what I mean [you may need to right click and open the link in a new tab- sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t]. Given the chance, I would wear almost all of it, particularly the beautifully simple and elegant dresses and skirts, and the light coloured coats/pants ensemble just after the beginning. I thought they were beautiful and had I the means I would have the lot today even though that was two years ago. It confirms my belief that it is only fashion that changes, but that Style is eternal.*Late note; since posting this I have just watched the pret a porter 2013/2014 Valentino – I am now a convert! I have also found that the designs are now led by Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli, which is probably why the style has changed somewhat. More embellished, but still really lovely – go look for yourself.

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3 Responses to WHAT WAS I THINKING [and will it ever end?]….

  1. Your lace collar reminded me of the dresses that I made in the late 80’s which all had lace collars. Looking back at my photos all I can say is ” what was I thinking?”. Following fashion sometimes has it’s price. :). I like your refashioned blouse and hope you enjoy wearing it in it’s new style. I am heading off to the Valentino link now. 🙂

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