One maybe, and one I would love to. Make, that is. And they are in reverse order [in true tradition of the ‘Ta Da’ merchants]-

At # 3 we have the ‘I would love to’ jacket. Now what’s not to like about this pattern? Can’t you just see the many possibilities – and the fabrics?

B4929 schematic B4929

Although it is only an artist’s impression, it gives a good idea of what this pattern would look like in different fabrics.[click on the pictures to enlarge ] I can see the short version in denim even, but I would really love to make this in a special fabric [which I don’t have of course].

This dress I have been mulling over all Summer and perhaps it is a bit late now, although I could make the sleeved version in an autumn fabric [which I don’t have of course].#2 Vogue Options V8902,

V8902 schematic 8902

And finally, #1, a down to earth practicality. I have had a long beige trench coat that I absolutely love and wear on those not-so-cold Winter days or when it is wet. It is now showing signs of its age and I feel it is time to make a new one. I have sent away for three samples of fabric [because of course of I haven’t got the right fabric] and hopefully will get round to choosing one of them and making this version. I will lengthen the pattern as I don’t really like wearing three-quarter length coats, I might also modify the front flaps to look more trench….we’ll see. This is Vogue V8884.

pic trenchV8884

So, I’ve decided to scrap the idea of Fabrics Anonymous. I don’t really need it as clearly I don’t really have a problem with fabric. Well, actually I do – I obviously don’t have enough as the above three projects show.  I am sure you will all agree with me that it is quite sensible of me to look for the right fabrics for these lovely patterns. Perhaps it is not a problem with fabric that I have, but a problem with patterns….now there’s a thought – Patterns Anonymous? nah!


I love all things creative and an eternal enthusiast. I am enduringly interested in absolutely everything remotely creative and never happier than when being shown 'how to'.
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2 Responses to ONE DEFINITE [almost]

  1. I am sure that all fabric addicts will attest to the simple rule that despite the amount of fabric in your stash, there is never the right fabric for what you want to make. That is my excuse for accumulating such a stash. I am off to order some new vintage Laura Ashley fabric, that I saw on the internet. You just never know when it will come in handy. 🙂
    PS I love your jacket and coat patterns. Both are very stylish and have many possibilities. Enjoy choosing your new fabrics.

    • says:

      You mean to say that you are *buying* fabric and that you haven’t decided on the pattern yet? My goodness me!!! ‘New’ ‘vintage’ Laura Ashley – now that sounds intriguing to say the least, *do* let us see it when it arrives and what you eventually decide..

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