…..that there is anyone out there still remotely interested in what I have to ‘show and tell’, – although to be absolutely correct, this post is more ‘tell’ because I am waiting for my camera batteries  to recharge and my cardi to dry!  The photos will be up as soon as I can get them here. It has been a long time…….

BUT – I have finished my ‘Burr’ cardigan in raspberry red lambswool and silk – sounds exotic, but is quite prosaic to look at. I kept  close to the pattern, only leaving out the shaping, which always comes in the wrong place for my long waist. I added another couple of inches in length too. Result? Not bad, a bit ‘sponge bob squarepants-ish’ if you know what I mean, but I can live with that [although that might not prove to be exactly true, I might shape it by sewing in the seams a little, if I get desperate]. I love this pattern. It is so wearable and easy to do too. This is the third and might not yet be my last one!

BURR   red silk wool

Burr by Veronique Avery, photograph by Brooklyntweed

I have also sewn another version of Simplicity 9876 [probably OOP], this time in a clerical grey ribbed jersey wool.

June 021

You may remember that the first version of this skirt, in the same green as the pattern above met a nasty end in some bleach in this post http://https://lifeaworkinprogress.com/2013/06/16/d-day-as-in-disaster

I was quite annoyed with myself for doing it, things were going so well….and I loved wearing it, it is such a nice wearable skirt if you know what I mean, but  I am quite pleased with the current incarnation, it is warm but light and can be dressed up or down which makes it a good addition to the Winter wardrobe.

I still haven’t found the right fabric for my trench coat. I fear I might be exhausting all the on-line suppliers I know, so if anyone has any suggestions of where I might look next I would be grateful. I still check in with Croft Mills and Fabric Dreams from time to time, so might strike lucky yet. Meanwhile I am trying to utilise the fabric I have. I have lots of good blouse/shirt fabrics and some wool which will be ideal for some new projects. I also have some work work to do, which no doubt will take time out from my non-work activities, which I much prefer, but that’s life. Back soon with pictures hopefully.

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  1. Of course we’re still reading! Can’t wait to see your new cardi.

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