Believe it or not this is essentially Kwik Sew 3555 yet again, but not quite. I had had this fabric in my stash for yonks, it moved house with us nearly 7 years ago and I could never decided what to do with it. It has a delicate feel to it and self coloured bands of satin-y stripes and almost see through, but I thought I would give it a try as yet another KS3555. But although I cut out a shirt, I decided to make a blouse instead.

In its first incarnation as a shirt I amended the pattern and cut the original pieces with an extended yoke shoulder at the front – not a complete yoke as in the pink/blue stripe #2, but more across the shoulder than #1, [the blue striped shirt for Megan].[Both #1 & # 2 were shown in very recent posts]. So why did I change it?

Well, as is my usual habit when I am making anything, I am continually watching out for similar items and ideas. When I am making shirts, I look at practically every man’s shirt on TV from newsreader to comedian, [and I noticed that you get quite a good look at the collar area these days because no-one seems to wear a tie!] and it just so happened that on Saturday evening I was watching a re-run of Foyle’s War for the umpteenth time [not that I mind] when I noticed a green blouse that Sam [Samantha] was wearing. I think that 1940’s style blouses were so wearable and neat and so I decided there and then that I would change my shirt into a blouse and so redrafted the front and new collar ~ et voila!  #3 variations on a theme indeed.

blouse 2  blouse 1

The collar is as near replicated as I could make it and I left off the shirt breast pocket and the felled seams and top stitching as too shirt-like and although Sam’s has two small breast pocket ‘flaps’ on the front of hers – I couldn’t see any actual pockets, so I think they were just decoration. The fabric that Sam’s blouse was made from looked like a softer cotton, almost a challis I should think, but couldn’t really tell, my fabric is completely different but I can live with that, as it was already cut out when I changed my plans.

imagesCAS9ALVX               imagesCAIB3DW0 2

I couldn’t get a good photo, these were the only two I could find and don’t show the blouse on it own, also, it looks more blue than green here but it was definitely green.  oops! since writing this I have seen this particular episode and it is blue! but in my defence it is the same pattern as the green one in the earlier episode mentioned…..I  couldn’t find a picture of the green one to show you so unless you watched it you’ll just have to trust me.


I love all things creative and an eternal enthusiast. I am enduringly interested in absolutely everything remotely creative and never happier than when being shown 'how to'.
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