When the rains came the roof of the garden shed began to leak and one of the windows broke. Not a big deal as damage goes, but it prompted me to go and check on the plastic storage boxes I had stored there and bring them indoors. I had mainly packed away surplus wool stash [I know!] and as is always the way, you find things you had forgotten you had and one or two UFO’s [unfinished objects] mixed in. One of them was this.

knit quilt closeups

A chunky lap quilt that I had begun to knit and crochet squares for. I am now glad to say that it is finished and sitting folded on the back on the armchair ready for when that extra cosiness is needed. That then reminded me to finish yet another UFO, this one. The top had been finished yonks ago and just needed the padding and backing. Now done!

lap quilt This was more fun because I got to print little sea-sidey things with potato cuts and sew pictures in the squares – sort of Sashiko fashion to go with the dark blue.

boats lighthousessewn boats

seagullsOnce again, I really must apologise for the quality of the pictures, I am the world’s worst photographer. However,  the one thing I should have been finishing still lies unfinished. It is this shirt – in the making since the beginning of December. It needs the plackets and cuffs on the sleeves and buttonholes machined, then the side and sleeve seams can be done and voila! – So why the delay? I have no idea…well I have really, but perhaps laziness doesn’t count as a real excuse. But I will finish it this weekend-I tell myself.

white shirt

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3 Responses to U.F.O.s

  1. lovelucie1 says:

    It must have been a grey/blue phase you were going through. Congratulations! 2 major WIP finished and not even 2 weeks into January!

  2. Nothing like a bit of extreme weather to unearth some UFOs. Don’t focus on what you haven’t done but on what you have done: You made great progress and completed two items. And your trick to use potato stamping to liven up some plain fabrics was inspired.

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