I find the reviews put up this month by some of the sewing bloggers I follow  very interesting. It is always illuminating to see what they think are the best of their makes, those they haven’t worn very much and of course, there are always the disappointments.

We all have those makes that prove surprisingly  useful and those disappointments that we don’t want to think about too much. These are mine;

First; what I think are ‘the good’; those most useful, worn more often and that I think are not too shabbily made;

black skirt 001pistachio 007pistachio 008

This black skirt is a handy staple. It fits well, due to the long darts at the side seams. I only have a picture of the front in the pistachio version on the right, [not worn so often mainly because of the colour] but the black wool version is worn quite a lot. Next up is my version of this blue and white shirt. This is Megan’s – mine has a white collar stand. This is worn frequently. Is easy to wear and in fact I am wearing mine whilst writing this.

MEGANS SHIRT 009 and of course this version too;

pink striped shirt Nov.3. 2013 002 Of course there are other blouses and skirts I wear daily, but I am quite pleased with these.

The bad; well, there’s a few. Bad because I don’t wear them much or they’re ‘not me’. They sit in my wardrobe more than they come out;

new moda 003 vogue 7034 013 stah 009

Then of course, there’s the downright ugly and confined to the back of beyond of the wardrobe, only saved from utter destruction because the fabric or notions might be reused, but probably heading for the bin;

January sewing 017 (410x640)cocoJune 024June 022

These makes are the ones for others I am most pleased with;gingham 004India's coat 006

shirt 011

I have managed to keep this blog going for a year now, and wearing my own hand made clothes is quite a normal everyday thing. I have enjoyed sewing most things and have expanded my sewing skills, certainly in machine sewing. and I look forward to the makes of 2014.



I love all things creative and an eternal enthusiast. I am enduringly interested in absolutely everything remotely creative and never happier than when being shown 'how to'.
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  1. Emma Jayne says:

    It’s good to be reflective. Please don’t bin anything… recycle the fabric/notions or charity shop.

  2. It is great that you wear your sewing on a daily basis. That has to be the true judge of a garment’s success. Sewing is a learning process and I wonder if we ever can say that we have mastered it. I know that I have lots to learn still. Your sewing inspires me. Thanks so much for your blog. Cheers Linny

  3. lovelucie1 says:

    A good many creations there. A very successful year I would say. And even if you don’t love them all, you’ll have learnt masses from those pieces, including what not to do again!

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