Nostalgia 005

This is my current project, an OOP Vogue 2615, hence the title of this post. This style is very reminiscent of a style my #s 3 & 4 daughters and I wore quite a few years ago. I found the pattern on Ebay some time ago and fell in love all over again. It was for this pattern that I bought this rust coloured wool.

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Now I am not so besotted that I can’t see that there are certain elements that are a little old fashioned. It is a 1970’s ‘hacking jacket’ style after all, so I have tweaked that pattern just a very little bit – I’ve taken the puff out of the top of the sleeves and my jacket will have nice fitted shoulders [hopefully]. Also I have cut down the number of buttons from a zillion [actually about 7] to just four. I have also lowered the roll line – the one that makes the lapel fold, so the opening is lower – making it more contemporary.  I also had to lengthen the body by two inches, which is what I always have to do, my fault not the patterns – BUT there are elements that are definitely staying. The fitting for one. I have just spent the best part of two days fitting a toile, not so tight that I bulge in unattractive places, but with plenty of ‘ease’. The patterns gives an inch, I have given it an inch and a half, just enough to make life and moving comfortable.  I am taking photographs as I go, so should get an ‘in progress’ post up before long.

What of the lilac blouse? I have had a tussle with the sleeves. I don’t like gathers and changed long to short sleeves and finally, in a fit of pique genius I took them off altogether. I put on a ‘mandarin’ style stand instead of a collar and hopefully it will be fine with a gathered linen skirt for Summer…although that look might not be so good with wellies!

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2 Responses to NOSTALGIA

  1. Emma Jayne says:

    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with your tweaks to update this pattern. Hacking jackets are ‘out’ but blazers are very much ‘in’ and your modifications have blended more towards this look.

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