VOGUE 2615 [ii]

VOGUE [ii] 001                    VOGUE [ii] 002

Just a very quick update. I covered the buttons in the dark brown faux suede filched from a charity shop skirt, as was the dark brown petersham ribbon on the pocket flap. A couple of years ago I remodelled a dark brown tweed suit and couldn’t find anything suitable to cover the buttons on the jacket [it had previously had a zip front], so I had to resort to sacrificing the skirt waistband. What I wanted and needed was fabric like this faux suede, so when I saw it, I bought it just for the fabric. I also changed my mind about the four buttons – still too many, I have now opted for three. Here they are just pinned on to see if they’re OK, as are the right hand pocket pieces – I was just too tired to actually sew the pocket in tonight, and I was wary of making mistakes. So tomorrow [Thursday] I intend to put the second pocket in and do the three buttonholes. The pattern calls for four buttons on the sleeve cuffs with fake buttonholes -[i.e. they don’t actually open – a pet hate of mine], so I have changed it to three small buttons also covered in dark brown suede and will sew the buttonholes so that they function. It isn’t usual practice to make bound buttonholes on sleeves – too bulky, but I expect someone, somewhere, has done it – but it wasn’t me!  [**p.s. I have been asked what OOP means – OutOfPrint, I apologise for the abbreviation, I know it can drive you mad – it took me ages to work out what TNT meant – I’m still not sure – I think it means TriedAndTested – in other words a ‘go-to’ pattern, let me know if I’m wrong, but be sure to tell me what it does mean in that case]

Now just a gentle reminder to those who think that hacking style jackets are old fashioned and passé  – whilst trolling the Burda Pattern site I came across this pattern; Burda 7321 ;-

Burda 7321    Schnittmuster-Burda-7321-Jacke-Gr-10-24-KG-18-25_b2

A vent in the back and smaller collar, but essentially the same shape and construction as Vogue 2651 in the body.  Just thought I’d mention it.

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2 Responses to VOGUE 2615 [ii]

  1. lovelucie1 says:

    I love a jacket and have several. Not passe at all!

  2. lifeaworkinprogress.com says:

    A girl after my own heart.

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