VOGUE 2615 finished at last!

rust jacket 002

I always intended to take my time and tailor this jacket as much as possible, but I didn’t intend to take this long. Everything was going beautifully methought, when I hit the snags in fitting mentioned in my last tedious post. I still can’t understand how that happened as I made a toile beforehand and that was fitted fine, but it will have to remain one of life’s mysteries because I am over it already. ~ Then we had the hiccough of the lining. I had used a soft gold lining on the pocket flaps, but I thought it a bit gaudy, so determined to use a fabric described as ‘snakeskin’ [referring to the pattern not the texture] in soft muted gold and cream. I made up the lining and had half sewn it in when I realised how ‘blah’ it looked. It made the whole jacket look drab, so out it came and I cut out and sewed the original gold lining. Thankfully this went in smoothly and without a hitch and I could declare ‘fini – enfin’ .

rust jacket 006rust jacket 003rust jacket 005

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