The little glimpse of something I gave a couple of weeks ago is now finished and ready to go to Wales to Emily and Kieran’s wedding on Saturday; first up, the last thing to go on ~ the label;P1060726 It is now on this

P1060732 P1060724

Now for the brilliant last minute rescue;- The lovely accommodating Debbie Holland from  agreed to actually do the quilting at really short notice. The pattern she used was one she recommended from Anne Bright’s repertoire and it turned out to be exactly right. She even trimmed it up ready for binding. She did such an excellent job – took all the stress out of what could have been a very stressful time for us – I really can’t recommend her highly enough ~ even if you are not contemplating making a quilt top, do go and look at her work, and a nicer lady you couldn’t hope to have on your side. If you are thinking of making a quilt top and want a really good, professional finish then do give her a go and the added bonus is she is far more reasonable than any other I’ve ever come across – a bonus all round.

As I said in my previous post I only sewed half of the squares as my token contribution, just eight in all but in each square there were 53 separate piece = 848 pieces in all 16 squares, all cut out by Abigail, who also sewed the 16 squares together for the top and made and attached the binding, so when it came to the quilting she ran out of steam and time [and probably the will to live by then given who and what the quilt was for], so enter Debbie Holland – phew! Thanks Debbie.



I love all things creative and an eternal enthusiast. I am enduringly interested in absolutely everything remotely creative and never happier than when being shown 'how to'.
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