Jacket Express finished all but the buttons and buttonholes, ta-da!   My lovely daughter Abigail agreed to pose for me, provided I cut off her head. The times I’ve wanted to do that when she was a teenager!

002  001

The reason I haven’t done the buttons and buttonholes is that despite having hundreds [literally – I kid you not] of buttons, I do not possess the kind of button I want in the size I want. I want these in 3/4″ size.



These are only 1/4″. My DH likes the silk covered buttons from Jane Austen’s house, but although matching perfectly in colour they are not appropriate in style for this kind of jacket.

Now head-up to those of you [Ali] who are thinking of making this jacket; 1] DO IT! it’s a lovely make, 2] don’t get hung up on the ‘burrito’ explanation for the cuffs. I couldn’t get my head round it until I realised that the procedure was almost identical to that for the shoulder seam. You only ‘stuff’ the sleeve up into the cuff in order to get the two sides of the cuff seams together to stitch. [I do hope I haven’t muddled anyone who got it the first time] and lastly 3] don’t be daunted by the amount of topstitching – it’s doable.

Would I make it again? You betcha! I have already cut out my second make, this time I am going to keep to the sequence set out in the video and booklet. I also need to get cracking on some Summer stuff, we are going to get some warmer weather apparently. I wonder if I will get anything done before the weather changes again?






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3 Responses to ANOTHER TA-DA MOMENT.

  1. Ali says:

    That’s it!! Fabric shopping planned for tomorrow! I must admit tho a couple I’d weeks ago I fell in love with a plaid in soft lemon/pink/orange colours and bought enough to do the jacket, but then chickened out as I’d never sewn anything complicated in a plaid before.
    It looks amazing, so professional, can’t wait it have a go.

    • says:

      l’d love to be coming with you. I think that the plaid effect would be lost with so many pieces and seams don’t you? Do you have any good fabric shops near you? Our nearest one is in Reading, about 24 miles away and the don’ t have anything of really good quality as a rule. Let me know how you get on.

  2. Sarah Reid says:

    Really Beautiful job 🙂

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