I so enjoyed the process [and result!] of Jacket Express #1, shown here,001


that I immediately hunted around in my fabric pile[s] for another suitable fabric to cut out #2. I found this fabric, bought in 2006 to make my #2 daughter a  skirt to wear to her daughters wedding to go with a fabulously embroidered jacket from East . The fabric chosen was a natural/stone brocade-type linen and proved a perfect foil. The fabric was also very wide and of a nice weight. I had enough left over to make this skirt;

navy dress 006I really thought I had exhausted the stash of this fabric, but just had enough left to spend a happy hour placing all the pattern pieces to get another [almost] jacket out of the remnants. I hadn’t enough for the long facing pieces or the cuff facings, so I used some natural coloured plain linen for these. This was slightly creamier than the jacket fabric but blends in OK. I literally have about a handkerchief sized piece left of this fabric, which I consider extremely good value. It wasn’t a cheap fabric to buy in 2006, but as it was for a special occasion I didn’t mind the outlay or the sewing and fitting involved. My #2  daughter is 5′ 12″ inches tall [sounds better than 6ft] and her fitting needs were adjusted accordingly.

jacket #2 008  jacket #2 010

So here is the finished jacket. I don’t know that I will wear the skirt and jacket together [you can just see the skirt peeping out at the bottom]. It might look as though I was going to a wedding or selling ice-creams or something, but as my #1 jacket now lives in East Sussex with my #4 daughter [it suited her so beautifully I gave it to her] I will happily wear this with Summer dresses – if we get a Summer that is. I have already sent away to http://www.myfabrics.co.uk  for some more fabric for #3. Then I might stop and move on. Although I would quite like a darker one, and a denim one………….

Here is a close up of the buttons I used. They are made out of some kind of metal [steel probably] and quite heavy, so although they might be on the smallish side according to the pattern, any bigger and they would weigh the fabric down. I like the utility look of them, they go with the jacket I think.

 jacket #2 009






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4 Responses to JACKET EXPRESS #2

  1. jenyjenny says:

    Beautiful! I just looked at a Craftsy class I’d signed up for last month, and the project that will be made in class is the Jacket Express! Did you also get the pattern through Craftsy? What a fabulous job you’ve done! And to put all that work into it, all that beautiful topstitching, and give it away! I hope my finished jacket looks as good as yours. I haven’t chosen a fabric yet but you’ve given me some lovely ideas, thank you.

    • lifeaworkinprogress.com says:

      I’m so glad you are thinking of making this jacket. It is a lovely jacket to make and you get a lot of satisfaction over quite simple details. You get the pattern and a booklet with the course. One word though, the pattern comes in many sizes, so do be prepared to trace out your size. Swedish tracing paper is very good and strong. [Gloriaty sell it]. I didn’t choose denim for the first one – but I will probably do one in denim. Janet Pray is an excellent teacher I found with some excellent tips even for us ‘oldies’. Do let me see how you do.

  2. Sarah Reid says:

    WeeWow! This is BEAUTIFUL 🙂

  3. Sarah Reid says:

    Go lovely with a stylish pair of summer jeans and a nice shirt

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