If you’re a hoarder, take heart from this post! Bear with me it’s a bit convoluted.

It started with reading this post from Kristy Chan. A lovely skirt to die for, and it started me thinking about skirt patterns and fabric. I found a length of green fabric and just managed to squeeze a skirt from it with a spare strip left about the same length and width as half a back skirt. I thought I’d keep that for waistbands. But I needed pocket linings. Back to the long lost fabric stash [i.e not folded neatly on the fabric shelves but stashed in boxes and drawers]. I began finding more creased up bits of green fabric strangely cut in pattern pieces. Ah, my Burda jacket. The one and only time I have every traced a pattern directly from the magazine. More curious than serious I began putting the pieces together and realised isn’t wasn’t really a bad pattern of a jacket and it was all there except one top sleeve piece, which hurrah, I could cut from the spare skirt strip. All thoughts of the skirt were by this time out of the window. I looked through the meagre stash of Burda magazines I owned but couldn’t recognise it. I  found just a large envelope with the inscription “Burda January 2003 pattern pieces – notched shawl collared jacket” and inside were all the pattern sheets for that issue, laid out in typical Burda fashion on top of one another. I really couldn’t identify which was ‘my’ jacket.

It was then I remember my favourite of Kristy’s makes, her red wool crepe jacket that she sewed from the Burda magazine [also shown in the above post]. In fact Kristy sews at least one item from every issue.  I emailed Kristy, but alas she only started keeping the magazines from November 2007 but gave me a possible third party to ask. Before doing that I decided to stitch what I could without the instructions or clear idea of construction, take a photo and send it on to see if could be identified, but before that I found my original tracing and on the envelope was a sketch of the jacket, the number and the fact that it had only one button, quite low as identified by the sketch. This showed I was pretty much on target. It doesn’t mention a lining, but I have drafted a lining pattern and will line it in pale silver grey silk . Here is the shell, so far. Ta da!  Mystery solved!
****For those of you who are thinking ‘that’s not a shawl collar – it is. ‘Shawl’   it refers to the construction of it [i.e. one lapel/collar piece attached to the front, meeting at the centre back neck. The fact that it is notched is immaterial [‘scuse the pun].BURDA M104 007


I love all things creative and an eternal enthusiast. I am enduringly interested in absolutely everything remotely creative and never happier than when being shown 'how to'.
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2 Responses to THE MYSTERY BURDA – #01/03/M104

  1. Ruthie says:

    So, I too have found pieces of the cut out and forgotten. Unfortunately, it was my very first pattern. Looking back, I fear that I cut it before I knew how to be absolutely perfectly on grain. Sew and learn. Nice jacket.

    • says:

      Absolutely! couldn’t agree more. Sometimes enthusiasm runs ahead of competence – it does in my case anyway. Thanks Ruthie/

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