Do excuse the dreadful puns, but my cautionary ‘tail’ has a serious note. My #3 daughter’s cat has just returned after being missing for almost a week. My daughter was distraught; there are coyotes in the woods not far from where she lives and she was convinced her cat had been on their menu.

The Monday had been a public holiday in America and the weather had been warm and beautiful for October in Upstate New York so most folk had been busy mowing and putting their gardens to bed for the Winter. You’ve guessed it! The cat had noseyed its way into someone’s shed or garage and been accidentally locked in. Those of us who are cat owners, or had a cat at one time, would most likely have had a similar incident. When the owner of the garage or shed  next opens the door, the cat shoots out. Pierre was incredibly lucky. Normally by now Winter sets in there and folk have no need to get their tools out again until Spring! Winters there are very cold [sub-zero] so it could have been goodbye Pierre! My daughter and her family had done a neighbourhood check, but of course no-one had seen her [despite the name, Pierre is female]. SO the moral of the tale is – please check for any visiting pets before locking up for Winter. Mind you it can happen any time of year, but incarceration would be for a shorter time then as we go in and out of our tool sheds. So please be extra vigilant.

Really my timely reminder isn’t mine at all, but Patience Strong’s. It amused me and I copied it out and then forgot about. Feel free to be amused, irritated or both – but there’s an irritating ring of truth here somewhere;

TIME IN HAND By Patience Strong.

[a counsel of perfection!]

When a busy day you’ve planned – give yourself some time in hand – so that jobs don’t overlap. Try to leave a little gap – between the things you have to do – a tiny pause enables you – to get your balance with no need – to rush around at breakneck speed – never poised or punctual. Try to make an interval – so that there is time to spare – instead of hurrying everywhere.


Sometimes it’s beyond your power – to arrange a crowded hour – in a way that leaves a break – giving you a chance to take – a few brief moments to unwind. To be ahead and not behind – thus conserving energy – for the next activity….Up to most things you can stand – if you have some time in hand.”


Not much more to add to that !



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