The inclination to sew has only just crept through the door this week, after being absent for a couple of weeks or so due to a sudden and unexpected indisposition and being confined to bed. Usually this doesn’t deter me from doing something, but perhaps the fact that I couldn’t raise the energy to even think about it tells you something of how I felt!

There is sewing to show, however. I had already completed a couple of things and had only to take the photos. I need to do this to keep  up the record of things I’ve been making [good or bad] as it does help you keep track of any progress in your sewing skills, and even a blog which nobody reads but you is an excellent way to do this. What it hasn’t produced so far is any noticeable improvement in my photographic skills, but we can’t have everything, so please bear with me.

First up is my version of a skirt I liked in a well known UK store, which made its name in underwear [it was rumoured that Maggie Thatcher bought there!]. I first saw it in a vibrant yellow, which I preferred but I could only find this colour, which they also do. My friend tried one on – and they were obviously designed for the younger market as they were quite short. It is a long time since I wore skirts several inches above my knees, in fact I never did, just on the knee or below was more my style, so I drafted mine a decent length for me. My version is not quite the exact of the original store one, but I like it.

Nov 2014 004   Nov 2014 003 The pockets are faux.

Whilst mooching around in the store looking at the RTW new styles I saw a little black jacket I liked. It had interesting fastenings of little bows. I drafted a pattern from my favourite jacket which is on the same style[-ish]. I had some dark grey wool that I thought could be used as a practice piece. The result is not quite what I envisaged – a bit boring really, but I’m a little pleased with the detailing. I lined it in case I wanted to wear it, but I don’t think I will. Changes I would make if I made it again; shorten it, lower the front neck a smidgen, and put a little more shape in the front princess seams and in the side shaping. It looks a bit shapeless on the dressform, but here it is for what it’s worth.

Nov 2014 008Nov 2014 007

My current project is using up the fabric left over from this skirt.pistachio 008

I called it ‘pistachio’ for want of a proper name for the colour. It is a ghastly fabric to work with really, and if I thought the skirt was difficult then the jacket is a nightmare! I thought I would like to line it with a heavier lining – not quite sure if it is a good idea yet, still working on it. This is a picture in progress;

Nov 2014 001Nov 2014 002

Hopefully the little issues currently making my head ache will be resolved soon and I can show you the finished article.


I love all things creative and an eternal enthusiast. I am enduringly interested in absolutely everything remotely creative and never happier than when being shown 'how to'.
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6 Responses to BACKLOG

  1. Hope your headache gets better for you. I enjoyed seeing your sewing projects.

  2. Hope you’re feeling much better now! I keep my blog for the same reason – it’s kind of a digital portfolio for tracking what I’ve learned or need to work on. These look great – I especially like the first skirt and the faux pockets, gorgeous colour!

    • says:

      My family started to dust the insurance policies I think when I stopped drinking tea and sewing! But I’m doing both again so I must be OK. I am liking the skirt colour better now. I did learn a lot from the ‘blah’ jacket though.

  3. onedabbles says:

    Hope you feel much better. The fuchsia skirt is lovely. I recently discovered your blog and like seeing the clothes you make.

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