I have to say that I have never joined in any sew-along, knit-along or any other thing-along, but I have come to this via a very roundabout route. To cut a long story etc., losing a bit of weight recently did not just mean I had to alter my skirts and dresses, but I have also come to realise that my undie things will also need adjusting starting with my bras. I have the ubiquitous Kwik Sew 3300 bra pattern so loved my many of course, but decided this time round to change route. I have Norma Loehr’s book ‘Demystifying Bra Making and Construction’ on Kindle and had a bit of a light bulb moment when I read this bit;

While some of the parts of the bra and their function are obvious ( the cups contain the breasts) others are not (the band supports the cups, not the straps).

Loehr, Norma (2013-04-08). Demystifying Bra Fitting and Construction (Kindle Locations 122-124). Orange Lingerie LLC. Kindle Edition.

Now who’da thunk that? here’s me thinking that the straps kept the little baggages from falling on the floor,[apparently there’s one born every minute] Now the Kwik Sew pattern does not have a band, it has wires. Ms.Loehr suggests both band and wires and although Watson has no provision for wires, I am thinking that the fit of the band should alleviate the necessity for wires. I have yet to catch up with the preparations and download the pattern and I have a bit more reading of Ms.Loehr, but I thought I would get this down in print so there would be less chance of my reneging on my decision. That is no guarantee mind you, just lessens the odds. I’m hoping it will be instructional. I need to move along from my comfort niche [it’s not as big as a zone]. We’ll see.



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