lingerie foldedHow I love that word – it is so emotive, for me anyway. It conjures up a luxurious leisurely-ness, a lingery-ness [and yes, I do know it is not pronounced lingery]. Now I would be first to own that I prefer plain. Plain colours to prints, simplicity to embellished etc., except when it comes to lingerie. I am one of those who loves elegant simplicity on the outside, but underneath a whole other story. So needless to say I love nice undies. Hence my latest make.

lingerie 002


I had grown tired of waist slips. Women always wore full slips when I was growing up and for a very simple reason ~ less chance of having to hitch your slip up from showing beneath your hem if it slips through any cause. Even with lined skirts you sometimes need a slip as well and hitching them up round your middle can do a lot of damage to your silhouette! It also mitigates against an unauthorised flash of flesh when blouse parts company from skirt!  Full slips keep your outline much smoother under blouses and skirt as well as dresses, especially fitted ones.

I had just enough of this silky tricot based fabric to cut the pattern pieces for the front and back bodice. The ‘skirt’ of the slip is cut with a centre seam and darts. I had to fudge the back into one centre piece with two side pieces by slicing down the pattern at the back dart-centres to the hem. The straps were made by folding  and stitching lengthways white satin bias ribbon and using the clear plastic sliders I bought for bra making. Finished with hardly an inch of fabric to spare. The fit of this Burda pattern is smooth and comfortable. I have already made it again, but that is for another day.

lingerie front seams   lingerie back view

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