I got so wrapped up in my rant about the print on the Von Nordheim book yesterday that I forgot entirely what the whole point of ‘my back to school’ post was supposed to be. My A.D.D. is working very well at the moment, I just wish the rest of me was too.
Being the perpetual wannabe student I love learning just about anything, but the obvious flaw in that is even if you learn how to do something, you don’t necessarily excel at it and you could become a bit of a jack of all trades with the usual consequences.

Sewing covers so many bases. There is the obvious practical purpose of being able to make most things that you need or takes your fancy and that quite properly satisfies many sewers, me included for the longest time. Somehow that isn’t working so well lately. Spinners often categorize themselves as either ‘production’ or ‘process’ spinners. I tended towards being a ‘process’ spinner. So what kind of sewer are you? I strongly suspect that most answers will be along the lines of ‘it depends’, but usually you lean one way or the other for most of the time. How to know? I think that if you get intrigued by new patterns with quirky seamlines or if a technique sometimes thought of as difficult makes you just want to grab some fabric and try it, then you are probably a process sewer. If you are motivated more by the thought that you need a pink blouse or a blue skirt or a pair of jeans, then I would say that the product is the uppermost motivation. Most sewers are a bit of both. Product is important to me of course, I still love being able to dress each day in ‘me-mades’ but to be honest process satisfies me most of all, so on balance I would say I lean towards being a process sewer.

Don’t we all love and admire beautiful skills? From time to time I surf You Tube just to look and admire the tailoring videos. I can easily drool over the beauty of a bespoke suit. Likewise watching the seemingly effortless speed of beautiful handmade buttonholes in the hands of  a master. So back to school for me. I am revisiting old makes to critique my level of skills then and if I have raised my game now. I have already culled blouses that really don’t satisfy my current level of satisfaction. It may just be  wonky topstitching, untidy inside seams or uneven buttonholes [even if these things don’t show!]. Even if scrapped totally, nothing shall be wasted but reused. Some may even get correction and be back in circulation.

I am feeling happily anticipatory. I shall take things slowly on the learning side and practise, practise, and practise as much as I need, but that is not to say that I shall stop production sewing, that is essential otherwise there is no point is there? There has to be a final product. Sewers are lucky they can combine both. Our garments can get more and more technically difficult and satisfy our need to improve our skills at the same time. We just need to stop and take stock from time to time and see if we are still getting the same satisfaction from what we are doing, I do anyway.

From time to time I shall show what I am doing and perhaps where I went to learn how to do it. It won’t be geographical unfortunately, but then that is good in that others can get to ‘go’ there too. I hope it will be helpful to any who want to accompany me. Thanks for staying with it this long!

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I love all things creative and an eternal enthusiast. I am enduringly interested in absolutely everything remotely creative and never happier than when being shown 'how to'.
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