‘Change is the end result of all true learning’ Leo Buscaglia

Largely self evident I would have thought,[if no changes are necessary then you already know what you are doing but that’s just me, perhaps it is more profound than that]. It’s true nevertheless and some changes are having to be made if improvements are to be made around here. So I shortlisted a couple of previous makes to see what could be done.

We could start with this little number, Vogue 2615

rust jacket 002

 previously blogged a year ago in March 2014.

Then in April there was ;

metal shed 009 rugs 003rugs 004

As I realised that the horrendous fitting issues around my bust were just too much to ignore. The lining was unpicked and the princess seams undone, resewn and undone again and I got as far as accepting that all fit issues start at the shoulders and then it was put to the back o f the sewing closet shelf sine die [legal speak for ‘another day]

Although I vowed no more ‘that’ll do pig’ moments in my sewing, there were evidently quite a few with this make. So what was wrong, apart from the horrendous fitting issues around the bust? Well, as I was unpicking yet more of poor old Vogue 2615 I made a list and I don’t think it is yet exhaustive;-

  • the pockets were actually different widths!
  • the pocket flaps were different depths!
  • the buttonholes were ‘podgy’ [can’t think how better to describe them],
  • and the fitting issues in the princess seams were trying to be resolved by taking in sewing seams instead of manipulating the fabric and doing it properly!!!!!

It is now looking like this, a little sad for itself;

brown jacket 003 brown jacket 002 brown jacket 004

Seams opened, buttonholes removed [apart from the hole!] and pockets taken out. Then began the desperate hunt for the scraps of left over rust wool fabric. I hunted for days and thought I would have to opt for dark brown faux suede to redo the pocket flaps and buttonholes, but I eventually found enough to in the new craftroom shed to remake what I had removed, phew!

There is also the issue of dodgy shoulder seams and the sleeves will need to be refitted. Quite a bit to be getting on with don’t you think. So where will I go to learn how to correct this catalogue of errors? If indeed they can be corrected?

Fortunately for all us there is a wealth of blogland and internet help out there and I am currently trawling to re-find all of the excellent advice on fitting issues. I already have lots of books on the subject but you can’t beat actual examples that ordinary sewers like me have made.  I am also looking at other sewers’ works of excellence to give me the inspiration and impetus to keep on with this jacket. It may never be my favourite item to wear and it may look like a dog’s dinner by the time I have finished – but I shall have learned an awful lot along the way and that is what this exercise is all about really. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I have been drafting and sewing a couple of skirts and lining stuff [skirts and dresses that didn’t have lining included either in the pattern or at the time of making]. I am waiting to be able to take photos of actually wearing the skirts, when I do I’ll post them.

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I love all things creative and an eternal enthusiast. I am enduringly interested in absolutely everything remotely creative and never happier than when being shown 'how to'.
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