On Saturday I took my four youngest grandchildren [3,9,11 & 14] over to Reading to visit with Harriet, another grand-daughter who is married and very crafty [I could say handy, but her home is 19 miles away – boom! boom!]. She had done this project with a young home schooled lad she helps with his  crafts;


Aren’t they  awesome? We thought so and immediately thought we would like to do some too. The white shoes and sharpies were duly bought and Harriet kindly set her Saturday aside to help us do these;


Caleb [14] is into grown up simplicity and just wanted to do ‘elements’. I didn’t want to show my ignorance and ask. But I really loved his shoes nevertheless.


Jacob [11] is a fan of Five Nights At Freddie’s. I’ve never seen the cartoon, but have been assured these are faithful renditions of the characters. Anyhoo, my ignorance aside, I thought they were great and very well drawn.



Carrie [just 9 this week] is obviously a fan of ‘Frozen’ and designed hers with her favourite characters and snowflakes. She was rightly very proud of hers and I thought they were beautiful and envy-worthy to those of her friends who also love Frozen, who will probably be green when they see these!!


Phoebe [3 nearly 4] had a lovely brave effort at flowers on her shoes, surprisingly us all, and then decided she would far rather colour the inside of her shoes. They were her shoes and her call, so that was fine.



The problem we had to bear in mind with all this is that Sharpies will do bleed on white canvas shoes, so pretty soon in we learned that we had to halt just short of the line where we wanted to be.

Oh yes, and I had a go too. Here are my efforts [I’m not giving my age];

!9 april 2015 018 !9 april 2015 022

!9 april 2015 020 !9 april 2015 019

 On a completely different note, I have always defended my chickens against those that say they have no brains. My girls have personality and are very intelligent I’ll say. That is, until I saw this earlier this week. I don’t know if this picture is clear, but all three girls tucked themselves into a tight corner of one of the empty veggie patches to have a dust bath. Now there are several of these empty veggies patches, they could easily have had one each, but they wriggled and squiggled for quite some time, taking some time pushing each other out of the spot, ending up on top of one another. They finally compromised into this;

!9 april 2015 010

I have dug this patch over and weeded since this photo but they seem to have returned to sanity now and have shown no interest in the newly dug patch.

Finally a few optimistic photos of things to come.

!9 april 2015 013 Apples and pears!

!9 april 2015 012


I love all things creative and an eternal enthusiast. I am enduringly interested in absolutely everything remotely creative and never happier than when being shown 'how to'.
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  1. Thimberlina says:

    What a brilliant idea! 👟👞👟👞👟

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