MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING – [and all’s well that ends well]

A little misunderstanding with WordPress [mine] led to my self imposed exile from this blog for a while. Fortunately the very helpful Ian over at WP sorted everything out for me and once again all’s well in blogland here at LAWIP. Just thought I’d let you know I wasn’t just being lazy. Far from it! I have been extremely busy of late.

I have been knitting, dyeing yarn and of course sewing. I also had fun days teaching my 9yr. old grand-daughter Carrie to sew. Carrie and I have been sewing buddies for a couple of years now and when she showed she was really quite serious about her sewing and knitting I bought her a Singer 99k a couple of years ago. Those familiar with these lovely machines will know it is the baby brother to my lovely 201K and 66K being about 75% of their size. She sews beautifully on it, a complete natural. To complete her crafting indoctrination her Mum has taught her knit and spin too, so she’s well on the way. Together we made a navy t-shirt on which she sewed a heart in sequins and machine embroidered the hem.

I know I enjoy lots of photos on the blogs I read regularly and I really ought want to put more on mine, but here are some to catch up just a little;

1.Aran jumper for my Great Grandson River [ aged 4yrs]

river'sjacket RIVER 2

It looks very similar to Eden’s; same wool, Aran, leather buttons etc., but the Aran pattern is different from Eden’s [here]aran probably not easy to spot the differences unless you were the one knitting them!

I also had a lovely day last week with Abigail spending  the whole day dyeing. Here I am knitting one of the colour ways we dyed in  toe up socks which will be with  ‘fish lip’ heels.This will be the second pair with this kind of heel. IMG_20160129_114448 but I’m still to be converted.

On the sewing front I have taken the Craftsy course on Heirloom sewing and reignited my love of tucks, lace and  smocking. I am already envisaging lots of projects to use these. I have also been dipping into and trying out the Bias Construction Techniques from Julianne Bramsome, a fascinating book and concept! I need to do more on that.

So, I have been busy back here and have lots more I’d love to try. Unfortunately my ‘photographer’ is no longer able to take my photos for my blog, so unless I can recruit passing bodies to help out, all my photos will have to be on the dress form or hangers until I can try something else, we’ll see!


I love all things creative and an eternal enthusiast. I am enduringly interested in absolutely everything remotely creative and never happier than when being shown 'how to'.
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