With the emphasis on playing! Every now and then  my grand-daughter Harri and her young friend Mali come to play. We do a variety of crafts and generally have a load of fun with surprising results some times. [e.g.drawing on shoes, below]

PhotoGrid_1427127013135EVERYONE!9 april 2015 018IMG_20160318_194551

Last week they came over to play hooky -[on rugs that is] .On their previous visit to make Star Wars models Mali had seen some that I had made ages and ages ago and chose that for his next project.

rugs 010 rugs 006rugs 007

He had visions of the Superman logo and got stuck right in.

DSC_1419  Unfortunately he found it wasn’t quite so quick and easy and he had hoped but at least he has the fundamentals, and that’s OK because the whole purpose of these sessions is to just widen the fun and enthuse. If he wants to he can pick it up again. It certainly worked with me and I soon got ‘hooked’ again and started this little picture, not quite sure what I’ll do with it though. [*credit/disclaimer; This is not my original idea for a picture as I saw this picture of Mrs. Rabbit [my name for her] originally on Pinterest, but can’t quite remember whose picture it was but it was under the heading ‘rug hooking’]

IMG_20160321_1548386_rewindRoughly drawn on hessian in pencil and hooked with odd bits of DK wool. It has now got to this stage


As usual, while doing one thing I am planning the next and thought I might try and recreate some of my pictures in wool! I thought I might try this one of a kingfisher that I originally did in acrylics, a challenge! which is just what I like.



I love all things creative and an eternal enthusiast. I am enduringly interested in absolutely everything remotely creative and never happier than when being shown 'how to'.
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