This blog was primarily started to log my hand sewn wardrobe and other things I made along the way together with the odd bit about other parts of my life. I have to say that I have been a bit lax in this ideal. This was sharply brought to mind this week when I decided to take stock of any holes in my wardrobe that needed plugging. Identifying gaps has also highlighted just what I have made and not made mention of here let alone taking any photographs.

I shall have to review and try to rectify this if I can at some point for my own record,  but meanwhile a quick check revealed several holes, the first of which was the basic humble T-shirt. I have tops and blouses of all kinds, but surprisingly was down to only one handmade T-shirt still in current use and this was getting a lot of use.

I didn’t think that I was a T-shirt kind of person in that at one time it definitely wouldn’t have been my first go to when deciding what to wear [the legal professions doesn’t tend to wear T-shirts when working] but that was then and this is now and surprisingly I find I love them, so easy to wear and can be dressed up or down with whatever you put them. For such a basic garment getting a good fit can be tricky so welcome the Alabama Chanin T-shirt pattern. At first sight it can look incredibly basic. The only shaping is at the sides but it is the elemental simplicity that I love and the fit is spot on for my shape. So I’ve made SIX! I have made a black one, a white one, striped one, navy, brown and green ones. Because they are all the same I will only show the striped one [to show my stripe- matching – little show off that I am!] and the green one. They are all jersey knit but of varying weights. The green is the softest, silkiest jersey and despite the colour being listed as khaki, I love it.

                A STRIPED T SHIRT APRIL '16     A GREEN T SHIRT

The Alabama Chanin pattern came with one of her books that I bought. I have a couple and can’t remember now which one, but I think it might be this one.DSC_2647The first T-shirt I made,[co-incidentally green]  was in the Alabama Chanin style, but the double thickness was too thick and heavy for my taste so my others are plain.

catchup 008

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  1. Lyric Joy says:

    After jumping on the hand sewn vintage style bandwagon I stumbled upon Alabama Chanin in the blogosphere (probably via Bloglovin’). Anywho, there is a certain je ne se qois about their line. Truly, I can’t afford the kits but I appreciate the look, feel, and mindset/style of the designer.



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