Lots of things have been going on in mind, mostly sewing and waiting for Spring ~ it does seem with all the endless rain we had here in England this past year that the light fresh days of Spring feel much further away than 11 months or so when I took these photos; I think you can click the photos to get a better view.

The girls getting cleaning up for Spring [before the rains came]

the girls - cleaning up for SpringWisley first day of Spring 002

Wisley RHS first day of Spring 2012

My garden looks like the aftermath of the trenches in WW1, having been waterlogged so many times I am thinking of renaming it ‘Soggy Bottom’. Still ~ rain so often keeps us indoors, and what do we do when we are confined to barracks – sew! Every cloud – so to speak.

But please no more rain. I do do other things besides sewing, sometimes  I crochet; or do embroidery; and knit and…….all the things in the header at the top of this site. But PLEASE no more rain ~ or I’ll have to swap the girls for ducks..

filet bestI love to crochet ~ all kinds from blankets to lace. Usually used on bedlinen.

HERE!I also love knitting [bedspread]and spinning, and rug hooking, although they sometime end up on the wall [geese above the bed]

Carpe Diem - my adopted mottoand of course embroidery, just to name a few. Perhaps I’ll mention the other 999 things I have tried and liked another [rainy?] day. I’m a perpetual student, I did say I was incurably curious didn’t I? I love to learn new things and techniques and hone skills in things I already do. That is why the on-line sewing community is so invaluable. Always someone to show you how and help and for that I am very grateful.


About lifeaworkinprogress.com

I love all things creative and an eternal enthusiast. I am enduringly interested in absolutely everything remotely creative and never happier than when being shown 'how to'.
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