Nothing too drastic this time, but I expect that Kristy Chan would like me to point out that she doesn’t [necessarily] make something out of each Burda magazine, but that she has actually set herself a challenge to make something out of a Burda magazine every month and she quite intelligently calls it ‘her Burda challenge.’ She set this challenge herself as far as I am aware and has actually kept up to it, albeit she may be a little late in showing, but she is a busy working Mum to two small children and her output is phenomenal. Check it out here. Now hopefully I have put matters straight regarding those screaming at me that I have got it wrong. [I hasten to add not Kristy herself]

Secondly, I think I mentioned in passing that about 12 days or so ago I finished a pink version of my blue ‘jeans’ top, but didn’t show a picture of it. Omission rectified below; [usual fuzzy pictures I’m afraid, and a bit scrunched up I can see now!]

second try 001second try 003second try 004

What I really love about this pattern, apart from how quick and easy it is – honestly! – are the dinky old fashioned sleeves [or are they retro? one never knows these days]. They just sit there neatly and fit. Beautiful! The pattern takes DK. but I had only 4ply pink cotton, so I doubled it up with a 4ply pink soft wool, which almost matches, but the difference just gives a subtle shading and lift. What do you think?    second try 005  any of the above images can be clicked to enlarge. Meanwhile, back at the happy place, I have cut out and sewed up the grey silk lining for Burda M104 [I’m sure the M stands for mystery] and will hand sew it in, hopefully this evening. Then, just one bound buttonhole and ‘finito’ – bliss. [I’m off the check Janet Pray’s Craftsy tutorial on advance sewing techniques – in particular her bound buttonhole. – Hopefully I will review the lessons sometime in the near future, but don’t hold your breath!]


I love all things creative and an eternal enthusiast. I am enduringly interested in absolutely everything remotely creative and never happier than when being shown 'how to'.
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